Epson L300 driver download

Epson L300 driver download for Windows, MacOSX, Linux

Epson L300 | Installation and Setup

Before you start using the printer, you have to remove all unnecessary plugs and shipping brackets and set the switch to the appropriate position (open the tap for supplying ink from the tanks to the printhead). Since our testing base was L300 that supports only USB connection, the whole process consisted of plugging in the USB-cable and installing the drivers. We have to note that Windows 7 x64 Maximum managed to install all the necessary drivers and we didn’t have to interfere with them; after some time the printer was available for printing. In case you have problems installing the drivers, or to update the ones you have already installed, you can always go to the Epson website and download the necessary software and drivers for your operating system.

Print Speed Epson L300

To evaluate text printing speed, we used a 30-page Microsoft Word document (Times New Roman font with a 12 and 14 point font size). We printed at the highest quality setting on A4 paper, and it took us 3 minutes and 58 seconds, which is about 8 pages per minute.

Of course, we also evaluated the speed of photo printing, so we printed a 6 megapixel photo taken with a Nikon D40 on A4 size photo paper, setting the maximum print quality. This job took 5 minutes and 15 seconds to print. It took 1 minute and 35 seconds to print the same photo on a 10×15 cm sheet.

Printing cost Epson L300

Unfortunately, we were unable to accurately estimate the cost of printing, because the amount of ink that was initially poured into the printer turned out to be quite large. Nevertheless, we printed 30 sheets of A4 photographs in the maximum quality mode and 100 pages of text with the level in the tanks with color inks reduced by 15-20% and with black ink by about 10%.

A set of ink in four colors, 70 ml each, today costs about 800 rubles. Thus, one refill is enough for 150-200 photos A4 in maximum quality and more than 1000 pages of text (although, if you do not print photos, this figure is much higher – the manufacturer announced up to 4000 b / w and 6500 color prints of A4).

The cost of printing photos when using 70 ml containers of ink is not more than 0.06$ per page in A4 size, or less than 0.01$ for a photo 10×15 cm. Printing of text documents, quite naturally, was even cheaper, the cost per A4-size print is about 0.003$.

How to install the driver for your Epson L300 printer.

  • Download the package you need. You can choose to install just the driver for printing or scanning, or you can install the complete package.
  • After downloading, run the installer and follow the wizard prompts.
  • When the installation is complete, connect the printer to your computer to begin operation.
  • To use the printer wirelessly, you need to install special Epson software.

Epson L300 download driver for Windows, MacOSX, Linux

Print driver Windows 32bit (x86)Download
Print driver Windows 64bit (x64) Download
Print driver Mac OSx Download
Print driver for Linux (Ubuntu, Mint, Mandriva and others) Download

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