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Epson V370 download driver for Windows, Mac

The Epson Perfection V370 portable scanner is a model with a well-designed cover. It is quite flat and makes it easy to access the inside of the scanner. The lid itself is adjustable relative to the scanned material and in quite a wide range. This makes it easy to digitize both thin documents and entire books.

The basic mode has many more options. We are given the ability to choose from a range of possible documents to scan. We can also choose color modes (color, grayscale, b&w), save location (desktop, internet, printer, etc.). The resolution and image adjustment functions are also selected here (color restoration, shadow correction, grain removal, and so on). You can also adjust the brightness and contrast.

The V370 offers a large set of custom settings. In addition to the listed features, there is the ability to set color depth, as well as histogram and tone adjustments based on curves, plus individual color component adaptations are available.

How to install the driver for Epson V370

To download and install the entire driver package for your printer, follow the instructions in the table below:

  1. The first thing to do is to download the right driver. In the table below, select your operating system and click on the “Download” link
  2. After the download is complete, you must run the downloaded file. In most cases you should double-click on the installation file to do this.
  3. Further actions should be carried out by following the installation guide
  4. At the end of the installation, press the “Finish” button and connect the printer to your computer.

Epson V370 driver for Windows

Scanner Driver and EPSON Scan Utility v3.9.2.5Download

Epson V370 driver for Mac

Scanner Driver and Epson Scan 2 Utility v6.4.1.00Download
ICA Scanner Driver v5.8.9 for Image CaptureDownload

Epson V370 software for Windows

Epson Document Capture Pro v3.1.2Download
Dropbox Connector v1.00.04 for Epson Document Capture Pro v2.xxDownload
Epson Event Manager v3.11.53Download
Common Updater for Epson Scan v1.0.0.0Download
SharePoint Online Connector v1.0.1.5 for Epson Document Capture Pro 1.05 or laterDownload
OneNote Connector v1.00 for Epson Document Capture Pro v1.00Download
Dropbox Connector v1.0.1.5 for Epson Document Capture Pro v1.xx Download
FileBound Connector v1.0.1.5 for Epson Document Capture Pro v1.00.01Download
Epson Copy Utility v4.1.1Download

Epson V370 software for Mac

Epson Event Manager v2.51.83Download
Epson Software Updater v2.6.1Download
Uninstaller v1.3.1Download
Epson Easy Photo Scan v1.0.30Download

Epson V370 manuals

Start HereDownload
User’s GuideDownload
Product SpecificationsDownload
Quick Reference – Document Capture Pro 2.0 for WindowsDownload
Quick Reference – Document Capture Pro 3.0 for WindowsDownload

The maximum resolution is 4800 dpi. In practice, 1200 dpi resolution is already more than enough for archival purposes, as 13×9 cm photos after scanning have a resolution of about 5700×4000 pixels. It takes about a minute and 15 seconds to scan an image at 1200 dpi. If you additionally activate the function to reduce “noise”, the scanning will take 10-15 seconds longer. One black and white scan takes about 18 MB. When working with negatives, the scanner converts them into positives by itself.

It is always possible to preview the image before importing and saving the scan copy. We can rotate the picture, flip it vertically or horizontally. It is also possible to apply color corrections (depending on the mode). Or, for example, turn on the elimination of “noise”. The latter works surprisingly well. The default settings are good enough and additional adjustments are not always needed.

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