Epson V500 driver

Epson V500 download driver for Windows, Mac

The V500 has a black plastic case with a slightly rough surface, a silver insert on the sides, and a decorative black plastic insert with a glossy surface in the center of the lid. The only criticism is the rapid appearance of fingerprints and small scratches on the insert in the center of the cover, which, however, is a disadvantage of any glossy surface.

The scanner is connected to the PC only via USB 2.0, other interfaces (for example, FireWire) are not provided.


The optical density of the scanner is quite high for a non-professional solution – 3.4D. Such density for home use is excessive, because the optical density of images on opaque media obtained in the photo labs does not exceed 2.3.

The high optical density alone does not limit the scanner’s performance. One of the main features of the scanner is the Digital ICE (Image Correction & Enhancement) image cleaning technology developed by Applied Science Fiction, now part of Kodak.

The scanner control software not only allows you to set the dust removal function, but also to improve clarity or restore colors. The scan was performed at 6400 dpi, Digital ICE, Color Restoration, Grain Reduction and Sharpness Enhancement were activated. The device performed well.

The conclusion after testing

The scanner performed quite well, and the noise level was quite acceptable. The ease of use, as well as the simple setup of the scanner controls are also advantages of the scanner.

Due to the high optical density and movable (rather than stationary, as inexpensive scanners) light source in the slide module, the scanner does a good job scanning transparent media. It’s also worth noting the Digital ICE technology to remove dust and other defects, which was originally only used in specialized slide scanners at a cost unaffordable to most users. The technology does not work perfectly, but in any case, the quality of the obtained images increases significantly.

How to install the driver for Epson V500

To download and install the entire driver package for your printer, follow the instructions in the table below:

  1. The first thing to do is to download the right driver. In the table below, select your operating system and click on the “Download” link
  2. After the download is complete, you must run the downloaded file. In most cases you should double-click on the installation file to do this.
  3. Further actions should be carried out by following the installation guide
  4. At the end of the installation, press the “Finish” button and connect the printer to your computer.

Epson V500 drivers for Windows 7, 8, 10, 11 – 32bit and 64bit

Scanner Driver and EPSON Scan Utility v3.7.7.0Download
Scanner Driver v3.7.7.0Download

Epson V500 software for Windows

Epson Software Updater v4.6.3Download
Epson Event Manager v3.11.53Download
Common Updater for Epson Scan v1.0.0.0Download
Epson Copy Utility v4.1.1Download

Epson V500 drivers for Mac OS

ICA Scanner Driver v5.8.9 for Image Capture Download

Epson V500 software for Mac OS

Epson Software Updater v2.6.2Download
Epson Event Manager v2.51.83Download
Uninstaller v1.3.1Download

Epson V500 manuals

Start HereDownload
Epson Scan ICM Updater v1.20 (PSB.2008.07.001)Download
Notices and WarrantyDownload
Product Information GuideDownload
Start HereDownload
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